Newsletter #1, October 1, 2018

What happened?

Emory University School of Medicine

Emory University School of Medicine

On September 17, over 35 medical schools across the country brought national awareness to the public health hazard of the firearms epidemic. Thousands of medical students, doctors, nurses and community members gathered  for seminars, lectures and educational forums let by trauma surgeons, pediatricians, and gun violence research scholars. These efforts were met with wide national and local media attention (see press links below).  New medical and nursing schools continue to join SAFE every day. SAFE is also working to give voice to the many organizations across the country that are committed to fighting the gun violence epidemic, including AFFIRM, AMWA, AMSA, NSNA, Docs Demand Action as well as the Episcopal Diocese of California.  Thanks to all the SAFE chapters who participated. See more images on our Instagram.

What next?

At SAFE, we have three major aims: education, advocacy and research.  Our immediate objectives are to:

  • Create a national working group, including leaders in gun violence education, to develop curricula for medical and nursing students, and for practicing physicians.

  • Liaise with LCME, AAMC and state medical groups to identify mechanisms to test curricula and integrate them nationally.

  • Work with partners to disseminate a consistent message that  the firearms epidemic is a public health problem and that doctors and nurses have an important role to play in addressing it.

Harvard Medical School

Harvard Medical School

We need YOU!

SAFE is a rapidly growing organization.  Most of our current members are students, nurses, physicians and other professionals with active “day jobs”.  We need help.  If you are interested in becoming more active in our organization and saving lives through public health advocacy about the firearms epidemic, let us know at the email address below.  Areas where we could use help include:

  • Curriculum, including didactics and OSKEs, interactions with LCME, AAMC, state medical boards

  • Newsletters and editorials

  • Advocacy and building of national partnerships

  • Coordination of medical and nursing school chapters

  • Fund raising

  • Social media support

  • Webmasters