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Becker's Hospital Review

Physicians, med students rally nationwide for gun control

In an event coordinated by Scrubs Addressing the Firearms Epidemic, or SAFE, providers will stand outside their hospitals for five minutes at noon. This is the second annual rally of its kind. Participants hope the event will raise awareness of gun violence as a public health issue, promote firearm safety education as part of patient care and call for legislation to remove restrictions on gun violence research.

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Stanford doctors, medical students encouraging legislation to stop gun violence

“For as much as these mass shootings draw our attention, and they should mind you, if we want to make a dent in the level of lives that are lost to gun violence, then we have to start thinking about suicides and non-mass homicides and provide them with the attention that they require,” said Dr. Kamaal Jones, pediatric resident.


The Concord Monitor

My Turn: Safety over guns – when will we ever learn?

Dr. Leonard Korn, the immediate past president of the New Hampshire Medical Society, explains the necessity and urgency of common-sense gun violence prevention bills in the New Hampshire House and Senate.

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The times of israel

Standing up to the NRA, American physicians demand voice in gun control debate

Four doctors share their experiences treating gunshot victims and warn of the lethal combination of rampant hate and easily accessible weapons


Guns & America

‘Is There A Gun In Your Home?’ No One Is Teaching Doctors How To Ask

Only about one in five doctors ask their patients about their access to firearms. Part of the reason why doctors don’t ask about guns along with cigarettes, alcohol and seatbelts goes back to medical school.

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CNN healtH

Why your doctor wants to talk about guns

New York (CNN) Your doctor already talks to you about sex, drugs and alcohol, but should they talk to you about guns, too? A newly-formed coalition of healthcare providers thinks so -- and patient intervention is just one part of their plan to reduce what they call an "epidemic" of gun violence.

Doctors share gun stories, demand action after NRA tells them to 'stay in their lane'

(CNN) Two signs of the times: another mass shooting and more Twitter outrage. This time, though, the barbs over social media came from the medical community in response to a tweet from the National Rifle Association.

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Stanford doctors lead national effort to stop gun violence: Doctors and nurses demand more research and training to reduce death from firearms

Although they stood just yards away, even the best and brightest trauma experts at Stanford Hospital were no match for a small single bullet.

Inside the doors of the hospital’s Emergency Department on a routine day this summer, the award-winning team of surgeons, emergency physicians, anesthesiologists, nurses and technicians scurried about, helping fix and heal.

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Students Rally Against Gun Violence

Calling for research, education and evidence-based policy to confront the “public health crisis of the firearm epidemic” in the United States, more than 80 Harvard Medical School students and colleagues rallied on the steps of Gordon Hall.

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Fight against gun violence comes to Stanford campus

The fight against gun violence reached the Stanford University campus on Monday afternoon, when about 300 people rallied to establish the growing problem as a public health crisis.

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Physician: ‘We Can All Do Something’ to Address Gun Violence

Dr. Mamta Swaroop has seen life slip away from gun violence. Two years ago, a patient she was treating for a gunshot wound died. She describes the experience as “one of the most self-defeating feelings in the world because you can’t do anything about that.”

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Unplanned comment leads Stanford doctor to champion gun violence prevention

After a statement about guns ended prospects for a government appointment, a Stanford professor joined a student in forming a nonprofit to address the public health issue.

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Harvard Medical School Demonstrators Demand Gun Control, Gun Research Funding

More than 80 Harvard Medical School students and affiliates gathered on the steps of HMS’s Gordon Hall Monday to call for federal funding to study nationwide gun violence as a public health issue.

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Stanford Health Care Professionals Call For Gun Violence To Be Treated As Public Health Crisis

“If this were any other public health problem, we wouldn’t stand for it,” said Dr. David Spain, chief of trauma at Stanford Health Care. “But it’s such a hot button political topic that we lose the ability to talk about it.”

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Daily Bulletin: Where Schools Are Installing ‘Active Shooter Alarms’

A Stanford doctor — and ex-Trump nominee — is leading a rally today to recognize gun violence as a public health epidemic. A former Trump campaign worker has a new revelation about Maria Butina. But, as usual, this newsletter is one of the few 2018 news sources in which most of the items are Trump-free. Your Monday briefing continues below.

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Doctors and students rally to support gun violence research, education

First-year medical student Quan Tran came to the rally because her father was held up at gunpoint walking home from a BART station in Oakland, and she sees gun violence as an epidemic.


Gun violence is a public health issue: One physician’s story

She was 4 months old, beautiful, crying — and she had a gunshot wound to her head.

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SAFE is a Movement to Treat Gun Violence For What It Is – A Public Health Epidemic

As medical students being trained to protect our patients’ physical and mental health, we were struck by the lack of medical education available on such a devastating and important public health issue: firearm violence.

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Can arming doctors with data help reduce gun violence?

Dean Winslow sat before the Senate Armed Services Committee last fall as President Donald Trump’s nominee to serve as the Pentagon’s top health official. His confirmation hearing, occurring two days after an Air Force veteran shot and killed 26 people inside a Texas church, appeared routine until a senator asked a question about the gunman’s military discharge status.

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Letter to the Editor: After Shane Colombo’s death, deepen the conversation about gun violence

For the past four years, many members of our Northwestern community have focused with dedication on a long-term strategic campaign called We Will. The laudable goal of We Will is to directly influence NU’s trajectory of “academic excellence and discovery and help expand our positive impact throughout the world.”

But now, we need a new campaign.

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University of Cincinnati medical students rally against gun violence

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Doctors and medical students at the University of Cincinnati rallied to reduce gun violence.

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Doctors assemble nationwide against gun-related violence

Doctors from California’s Stanford Medical Center spearheaded a national effort this week to discuss gun-related violence as a public health crisis.

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Medical students fight gun violence through new student organization

An organization dedicated to solving issues of gun violence in America launched a new chapter in the College of Medicine this semester.