Help Us with a Healthcare Intervention

On June 11th, hundreds of doctors, nurses, students and other healthcare providers, gun owners and non gun owners, Democrats, Republicans and Independents will rally outside the Capitol Building in order to push Congress to advance Firearms Injury Prevention Research. We can make a difference—please join us.


When and where will it be held?

June 11th, 2019, 11am–12pm
House Triangle (outside the Capitol Building), Washington, D.C.
Near the corner of Independence Ave SE and New Jersey Ave SE (directly off Southeast Dr)
You cannot drive to the Capitol, and parking is difficult to find. Recommended transit directions: take the Metro to Capitol South (map).

Why are we doing this?

Last year close to 40,000 Americans, including more than 3000 children, died from firearms injuries.

These deaths don’t happen at random. We know we can prevent gun injuries through public health research and action. Lobbyists and special interest groups in Washington are pressuring lawmakers to quash bills supporting research to protect our patients from preventable injury and death.

What can I do to prepare?

Inform yourself. Check out these resources from the Giffords Advocacy Toolkit.

Included in the toolkit are instructions on how to contact your local representatives.